Some Testimonials of recent transactions: 

Brian - SW 5th place in Cape Coral.

Koen is a very knowledgable person in regards to selling and buying real estate in Cape Coral / Fort Myers. He has helped several friends of mine selling their house and is working with my parents to find them the right house when they move down from the Chicage area. I recommend Koen to anybody.

Elmon - NW Cape Coral

I worked with Koen on several houses in Cape Coral being his general contractor. Koen has a pleasant personality and knows the market in and out. In addition he has great contacts oversees and can help sellers and buyers to find their match. If i am ready to sell my house, i will use Koen for sure. 

Kirby - SW 46th Ter Cape Coral

Koen and his crew is our property manager for the last few years. I can always rely on him for whatever info that is needed, he is very easy to talk to and has a ton of knowledge about the Cape Coral Real Estate market. My wife and i were looking for someone that can listen to our needs and is not just interested in making a few quick Dollars. Koen is involved, genuine and always wants to help people.


Mike - SE Kamal Pkwy

Koen sold my house in a few months and i used him as well to find a new smaller place. He helped me out with the negociation on both real estate trnasactions and it worked out perfect. The day i closed and moved out, i was able to move in to my new condo. Koen has a lot of sales skills and is very likeable.


Greg - Country Club BLVD

In 2013 we had to sell our second home in SE Cape Coral and a friend of mine who lives in Cape Coral referred me to Koen. I have not regreteed this a minute, Koen was able to sell my house quickly. The closing went smooth and if i come back to the Cape one day, i will contact Koen again for my Real Estate needs.


Jason - Yacht Club Cape Coral

Koen is now 10 years a realtor in Cape Coral and has developped excellent sales skills and tactics to helps sellers. He is very candid and his goal is always to help his customers first. I would recommend Koen to anybody who needs to sell their house in Cape Coral.

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